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    We mentioned we received a huge number of new fish this week on both freshwater and saltwater sides of the shop. We Also brought in a brand new group of aquatic fossils, including ever popular (and incredibly impressive) Megalodon teeth and a Huge Agadir ammonite. Check out some of the new fish and fossil photos, and stop by this week to see them all in person!

    Knightia, polished sutured Ammonites (Madagascar), carved Goniatites, Devonian Phacops Trilobite, Megalodon Teeth.

    Plesiosaur Teeth, Mosasaur Teeth, Starfish assemblage

    Agadir Ammonite (with Sarah for scale).

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    awesome stuff!


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      Love the fossils!


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        Awesome Aaron!
        The annual Fossil show in Columbus is the beginning of April. I'm taking the boys!


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          At our ski trip to beaver creek there was an amazing fossil store:

          My wife has a nice trilobite collection and I've thought about getting some ammonites or finding a slab of petrified wood to make a table out of.
          BUILDING OUT:
          75g corner acrylic pentagon DT with repurposed AIO chambers for marinepure reactor
          3x 50g acrylic frag tanks
          100g rubbermaid sump