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  • New Shipment Highlights

    We have a bazillion (roughly) new fish in stock this week! We even brought in some nice SPS for those who've been asking about them for a while. Check out some of the highlights below:

    Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind.

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    Rhinopius frondosa!!
    Large Sohol Tang!
    Mustard/Guttatus Tang
    Fowler's Horseshoe Tang
    Purple Tang
    BIG Lineatus Fairy Wrasse
    Rare Arrowhead Basslet
    Kamohara Fang Blenny
    Tank Raised Bicolor Angel
    Coral Beauty
    Eibli Angel
    Flame Angel
    Majestic Angel
    Multicolor Angel
    Spotfin Anthias
    Lg Box Anthias Male
    Sunburst Anthias
    Sand Perch
    Royal Gramma
    Swales Basslet
    Flametail Blenny
    Lawnmower Blenny
    Ruby Dragonettes
    Tail Spot Blenny
    Tribal Blenny
    Copperband Butterfly
    Ruby Cardinal
    Black Ice Ocellaris
    Domino Ocellaris
    Mocha Ocellaris
    Black Edge Percula
    Platinum Percula
    Green Chromis
    Yellow Tail Damsel
    Aiptasia Filefish
    Diamond Sandsifter
    Mandarin Dragonette
    Purple Firefish
    Railway Sandsifter
    Wards Tiger Sandsifter
    Indigo Hamlet
    Arc Eye Hawk
    Zebra Dwarf Lion
    Fuzzy Dwarf Lion
    Strawberry Pseudochromis
    Black Cap Basslet
    Blue Spot Puffer
    Valentini Puffer
    Tank Raised Foxface
    Orange Spot Rabbit
    SM Blonde Naso Tang
    Med Blonde Naso Tang
    Tank Raised Hepatus Tang
    Chocolate Tang
    Sm Desjardini
    XXL Desjardini Tang
    Tomini Tang
    Incredible Hawaiian Gold Rim Tang
    Naso Tang
    Powder Blue Tang
    Kole Tang
    Blue Jaw Trigger Pair
    Rectangulus Trigger
    Cyaneus Flasher
    Blue Sided Fairy Wrasse
    Carpenter Flasher
    Dragon Wrasse
    McCoskers Flasher
    Christmas Wrasse
    Yellow Tail Coris Wrasse
    XL Temminicki Fairy Wrasse
    Lubbocks Fairy Wrasse
    Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind.