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Sanitizing RO/DI

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  • Sanitizing RO/DI

    Can you break down how to do this Russ. I'm guilty of having never done this in 7 years. I've just wiped down the housing when I do a filter change to remove algae.

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    This, along with all our instructions are available for download here:

    We recommend sanitizing your RO or RODI system at least once per year. Schedule this
    process at a time when you are planning to replace your cartridges. These instructions apply
    to water purification systems without a pressure tank. Before you begin assure that you have
    about an hour available, and that your work area and hands are clean. You’ll be working with
    household bleach - prepare the work area accordingly.
    Turn off the water supply to the system.
    Remove all housings and remove all pre-filters and post-filters from the system including
    sediment filters, carbon filters, in-line filters, and deionization cartridges. Remove the reverse
    osmosis membrane(s).
    Wash housings with a soft brush or cloth in warm soapy water. Rinse thoroughly to remove
    all soap. Don’t forget to carefully remove and wash all o-rings. Lubricate the o-rings with a
    small amount of food grade silicone grease and reinstall them.
    Fill the first prefilter housings 3/4 full with potable water and one tablespoon of plain,
    unscented household bleach. With this sanitizing liquid in the housing, screw the housing
    back on to the system.
    Turn on the water supply a bit, allow water to fill the entire system, and assure water is
    flowing out of the waste line and the purified water line. Place the outlet of the drain tube and
    purified water tube slightly higher than the system to assure these tubes are full of the
    sanitizing solution. When the sanitizing solution has reached the outlet of each tube, and
    with the outlet of each tube placed above the rest of the system, shut off the water supply for
    30 minutes. The full 30 minute soak may not be necessary in all situations.
    After 30 minutes, turn the water supply on and assure that water exits the system from both
    the drain tube and the purified water port. Flush the sanitizing solution from the system for 5
    to 10 minutes, or until the strong odor of chlorine can no longer be detected.
    Turn off the water supply and install new filters, taking care to rinse the filters as appropriate.
    We recommend keeping a maintenance record for your system. Record the date of the
    sanitizing and filter replacement.
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      Thanks. I'll be sure to do this with my upcoming filter changes.

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