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  • "THE" Lists.... and more!

    Epic Anniversary sale Information!!!
    Talks and 1 on 1 time with vendors beginning at 10am. Sales starting around Noon (or before if our vendors are wrapped up!)
    It's a long one.... Here is THE list!!!!!
    Sale prices, Raffle items, and discounts will come out tomorrow night via email. If you haven't signed up yet, use our website to request to be added ( ) or send us a message!
    Orange Gorgonians
    silver gorgonians
    orange flower sponge
    red finger sponge
    purple sea plume
    golden sea plume
    Orange spiny gorgonian
    sea fans
    Blue Carpet Anemone
    Red Mushrooms
    Blue mushrooms
    Rainbow Mushrooms
    Blue/Purple Yuma
    Zoa's (Of Course!)
    Green clove polyps
    Neon Clove polyps
    Umbrella Leathers (green and yellow)
    Colt coral
    Blue Sympodium
    Finger Leathers
    Cabbage leather
    Devils hand leather
    Metallic Green Doughnut Coral
    Bicolor Doughnut coral (acanthophyllia)
    Australomussa Green
    Australomussa Red
    Metallic Green Alevopora
    Elegance corals (multiple colors)
    Candy cane coral (multiple colors)
    Red Cynarina
    Metallic Red Cynarina
    Chalice Corals (various colors)
    Torch corals (various colors)
    Wall hammers
    brancing hammers
    Moon corals
    Plate corals (various colors)
    Heliofungia plate corals
    Metallic red lobophyllia
    Fox corals
    Bubble corals
    Tongue Corals
    Meat corals
    Trachyphyllias (SOOO many colors!!)
    Sun coral
    Tenuis acro
    From Hawaii:
    Flame Angels
    Potters Angels
    Fishers angels
    GoldFlake angels
    Yellow tangs
    Kole Tangs
    Naso tangs
    Lavender Tangs
    Orange shoulder tangs
    Dussermeri Tang
    Elegant coris wrasse
    Yellow tail coris wrasse
    Christmas wrasse
    Potters wrasse
    Flame wrasse pairs
    Scarlet Wrasse
    Eight Line wrasse
    Four line wrasse
    Red tail wrasse
    "standard" fish
    Diamond Gobies
    Fridmani Pseudos
    Lg Purple tang
    Maxi Mini carpet anemone
    Anemone crabs
    Sand conchs
    royal grammas
    ruby red mandarins
    Green Mandarins
    Purple firefish
    Valentini puffers
    blue hippo tangs
    powder blue tangs
    niger triggers
    sand sifting stars
    Eibli angels
    Annularis angels
    Lamarck Angel
    Keyhole Angel
    queen angel
    copperband b-fly
    Bangai Cardinal
    Tiger wardi goby
    Bumble bee goby
    Pistol shrimp
    Stars and stripes puffer
    Long nose hawk
    Blonde Naso tang
    Carpenter Flasher Wrasse
    red long jaw wrasse
    Yellow coris wrasse
    cleaner shrimp
    fire shrimp
    coral banded shrimp
    chocolate chip star
    Marble starfish
    Blue Leg hermits
    astrea snails
    Emerald crabs
    Serpent stars
    Blue leg pistol shimp