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Have Aiptasia? Want Nudis? TR Berghia Nudi Group buy!

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  • Have Aiptasia? Want Nudis? TR Berghia Nudi Group buy!

    Hey Folks! I've got availability to get Berghia Nudibranch's (Tank Raised) but I don't want to order them and keep them in the store. I feel like they would get lost in our tanks being that they are about 1/4 inch in size. I don't mind keeping them for a few days but I'm not going to hold them in stock. I plan to place an order next week for them. If anyone is interested, please let me know. One of my locals recommends getting 3 and letting them tag team Aiptasia. Obviously you will have a problem feeding them once you run out of Aiptasia so keep that in mind
    They will run 14$ each (Maybe less depending on how many I end up getting)

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    Has anyone had any success (or heard of anyone) getting them to go after majanos?


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      Someone actually sent me a text and made a very valid point, I can line this order up with the WORC swap (march 21) since we will be there and they can be picked up there if that would work for people that are going!


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        From what I'm finding online, They will NOT eat Majanos :-(