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Black Friday 6am to Noon && Hawaiian Sale Sunday 11/30!!

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  • Black Friday 6am to Noon && Hawaiian Sale Sunday 11/30!!

    Black Friday Discounts
    6am to noon (while supplies last):
    $3 peppermint shrimp (150 available)
    $3.50 emerald Crabs (100 available)
    $1 astrea snails (250 available)
    $.60 Medium Blue leg hermits (250 available)
    $2 per pound dry rock (marco)
    $3 per pound Live rock
    Plus closeout pricing on Tunze powerheads and fauna marin foods!

    6am-7am 50% off all fish
    7am-8am 35% off all fish
    8am -10am 25% off all fish
    10am-Noon 25% off all fish

    6am-7am 35% off coral colonies
    7am-9am 50% off all coral frags
    9am-Noon 25% off all colonies / 30% off frags

    Hawaiian sale Sunday 11/30 to include rock bottom prices on
    Flame angels,
    Fishers angels
    Lemon peel angels
    potters angels
    Goldflake angel
    Yellow eye tangs
    Medium Naso Tangs
    Orange Shoulder tangs
    Yellow tangs
    Christmas Wrasses
    Ornate Wrasse
    Redtail Wrasse
    Male Blue Throat Trigger
    Blue throat trigger pair
    Picasso Trigger
    Niger Trigger
    Blueline Butterfly
    Four spot butterfly
    Longnose Butterfly
    Valentini Puffer
    Raspberry cucumbers
    Hawaiian Featherdusters

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    Great prices!!