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  • Icp testing results

    Any suggestions on how to trace sources of these issues would be appreciated. Summary= elevated tin levels, super elevated lithium levels. Calcium is high but I knew that already.
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    I thought ATI sent you a second vial that they test for your source water also, so you can know if its coming from food, your salt mix or the source water itself.

    just watched mike paletta talk at the c-sea event and he said everyone in the midwest has elevated lithium from their water. I do remember that specifically because he mentioned those in europe he visits dont have that .


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      They did test my rodi. No problems identified, a bit high in silicates. I have been performing some water changes to try to dilute and am going to get some cuprisorb into the tank as well.


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        well if its not from your RO/DI and its in your tank than I would say send in a sample of mixed saltwater before it goes into tank, than you'd know if it was your salt mix.