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Dosing mistake... How to recover

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  • Dosing mistake... How to recover

    Came home today and did my weekly water check. Recently I've been running around 9.3 alk and 450 CA. Upon testing alk today I found I was down around 7 and my car was over 500. Checked mag and it was fine, around 1480. I checked doser , everything was fine. Then I realized that the line going into my alk container looped and has been sucking nothing but air for the past week or two. I must have messed it up the last time I had it out for maintenance.

    Question is, now that I have everything fixed and am dosing normally again should I modify my dosing schedule to be a bit more alk heavy? Or should I just leave it be and let it level itself out over time and with water changes?

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    You want to bring it back up slowly. If your previous doser setting was maintaining alk, then just add a little more each day until you get it back where you like it. Go slow! Id recommend no more than a .2alk daily.


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      I was pretty well set dosing 3 ml every hour. I've added an additional ml of alk 4 times per day. Might take a while but it should get there. Good news is that nothing is too unhappy.