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How many times per day are you dosing two part?

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  • How many times per day are you dosing two part?

    So normally when I test my water I'm not super careful about testing at the exact same time. *Today I decided to test alk twice, once right before my dosing pump runs and once right after. *I am currently dosing 3x daily, 8 am 1pm and 6pm. *My first reading right before dosing is 7.7dkh. *Right after it was 8.7 dkh. *I am trying to slowly raise alkalinity, but honestly I had no idea it moved that much. *Currently I'm set to dose 22ml 3x daily, alk first followed by CA 5 minutes later. *I know lots of people dose once daily but that would seem like a huge alk swing.*
    ​​​​​​Does this seem normal? I'm not even seeing any significant growth I have no idea where all these elements are going. *

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    Again... Sorry about the * *'s in my posts


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      ...and we've found the issue!
      IMO, That is a huge swing. Break up your dosing to as many times as possible per day. This will help keep things stable.


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        I sure hope that's the issue. I changed to 24x per day. Hopefully that solves some problems.*


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          are you using a dosing pump or doing it manually? I agree that is probably your main issue that you've been having


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            Dosing pump*


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              yea, a lot of smaller doses would def do the trick, hopefully that helps all the issues you've been having