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Adding kalk to vinegar dosing along with two part?

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  • Adding kalk to vinegar dosing along with two part?

    I've been vinegar dosing for a little while now at a relatively low rate, 10ml/day. ¬*Along with the chaeto this has done a good job of keeping nitrates and phosphates in a really good range without going sterile. ¬*However I've been having issues keeping ph up. ¬*I'm also dosing two part and so far am stable at CA 470 and KH 8.3. ¬*I'd like to get alk up a bit as well as ph. ¬*Would anyone know if there would be any benefit to adding a couple of teaspoons of kalk to my vinegar that's getting dosed? ¬*I think it would work to help get my target values up but I worry that I'd be playing with too many variables with adding kalk along with the two part. ¬*

    Any opinions are welcome!¬*

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    I assume the kalk would react with the vinegar. You would have to add them separate and also adjust your 2part dosing. What is your pH at? Unless it's really low, I wouldn't worry about it much. There is not much that can be done for pH other than allowing more outdoor air into the environment.


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      I've heard of people adding vinegar to top off water when running kalk in an ato. Mainly this is done to improve solubility so that more kalk can be added.¬*

      My ph is stable at 7.7 on salifert. I'm typically measuring at about 5 pm and have fuge on reverse photo cycle.


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        add more soda ash per day. dkh and ph will rise together


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          Yeah, that's basically what I have been doing. ¬*Dkh has been going up gradually. ¬*I haven't checked ph this week¬*


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            Yes, the vinegar will allow for more kalk to be used. I used to do this per Randy Holmes instruction.



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              if all you are trying to do is raise dkh and pH just do more soda ash instead of adding a whole new thing to get involved with that would accomplish same thing imo. then if levels get messed up etc you only have to adjust one thing rather than trying to balance adjusting this one or that one etc.