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confused with dosing results

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  • confused with dosing results

    ok so i was finally able to hook up my dosing pump on saturday my starting params were:
    ca 497
    alk 8.68
    mg 1360
    my startng dose is 24ml and i am doing 1ml of ca and alk every hour spaced a half hour apart. ie ca at 1 and alk at 1:30
    day 1:
    ca 515
    alk 9.07
    day 2:
    ca 489
    alk 9.4
    mag 1400
    day 3
    ca 497
    alk 9.0
    are these results to be expected. im not sure why my mag is going up and i am also confused as to why both my alk and my ca are fluctuating so much

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    How are you testing? You're pretty much within the margin of error for kits/meters?

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      Hanna for ca and alk red sea for mag


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        I'm just trying to dial in my pump and my results didn't seem that offor when just dosing alk before I got the pump. Only when I started fusing ca as well