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  • GFO reactor online - offline

    Whats the thought behind taking a GFO reactor offline and leaving the media in the reactor? So the media isn't spent but will sit with no flow until I panic and decide to run GFO again?

    I can't stand not running GFO on my tank. Don't know why but I freak out when it's not in my media reactor.

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    I have noticed that it gets a funky smell to it if left in the reactor w/out water for too long. I assume I'm smelling decaying organic material that gets in there but not sure.

    I've never ran GFO 24/7, if my PO4 is high I will run it but not always, it will lower your alk over time.

    Take it offline and see what happens. Do you notice more nusiance algae? Are corals not growing as fast? etc.


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      No, the only thing I noticed with no GFO for 2 weeks was your normal "dust" on the glass. No algae or anything in the tank itself.

      It's probably best I trust my husbandry skills and take the GFO offline and use it sparingly.