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Question about Vinegar Cleaning

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  • Question about Vinegar Cleaning

    Hi guys,

    I bought a cardiff from a fellow member on here a while back. I am planning to fill the tank with RO/DI water tonight and add white distilled vinegar and then leave the system running for as long as it takes to clean it up a little bit.

    Question: When I'm ready to siphon off the gunk and drain the vinegar solution, what do I need to do to get rid of any acidic residue in the tank before adding what will hopefully be my first round of cycling water for my rock and sand? Do I need to buffer the pH back up? Or what?


    Your noob,

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    Hey Matt,
    After you clean it with vinegar just give it a good rinse with RO water then let it dry.
    You should be good to go after that.

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      What he said
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        Thanks, guys!


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          I'm a pretty anal guy, so I usually do a bleach bath (maybe 1/4 cup to say two or three gallons) after the vinegar. I rinse a second time, and then I do another bath with a quadruple dose of Prime or some other dechlorinator to get rid of the bleach. Rinse one more time, and you are good to go, other than your hands looking like an 80 year old brick layer by this point.

          I always do this with stuff I buy from other people...sort of like, "you don't know where it's been," but again, I'm pretty anal.


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            And to be clear, vinegar --- plenty of rinsing --- then bleach if you choose to Your lungs will appreciate the effort