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  • questions about dosing

    Hello again. I have a 125 rr tank and will be installing a larger sump aprox. 40 gallons. Take away rock and sand i would say its still at least 125. Currently its a couple lps and soft coral. I plan to get a red sea test kit and brs 2 part and start dosing, then adding a couple sps once i get used to it. My question is, will dosing a 125 cost a small fortune in 2 part every week/month? Or because of the small load of coral will it be not as much. At least until i get more or they grow of course. As an unrelated question. Do you have to be a member for a certain amount of time before you can post pictures?

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    I doubt you are going to spend much at all on dosing a light loaded tank. Heck, I am not sure you will even need to at all if its really light and you keep up with the water changes


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      Do you dose? Or keep sps without dosing?


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        Im starting to get a collection of zoanthids, have 3 lps, 2 monti frags, and plan on getting 2 or 3 branching sps when the time comes to start with


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          I dose and have a medium load


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            Here's a good link on DIY 2 part dosing.


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              Here is a calculator that helps as well
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