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  • storing water

    im wondering how long i can store newly mixed saltwater in a trash can with a power head of course. And also how long can i store ro/di water, without a power head?

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    If you store the rodi in a food safe container Im pretty sure it can be stored for quite sometime as long as it is out of sunlight, I dont use a power head in my 55 gal. container that I store it in, and all I do is refill it as it gets low and have yet to feel any slime or anything on the inside of it.
    As far as mixed saltwater (I use a combination of reef crystals and instant ocean) I try not to store it more than a couple weeks, not saying you can't but it seems to get a little slimy on the inside of my 55 drum. I also heat and circulate it to.
    Whatever you put it in make sure its got the food grade marking, its a # 2 inside a little triangle on the bottom.


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      Heres a link to Randy Holmes Farley's thoughts on it


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        Thanks. I dont really plan to store mixed water for longer than a week. But i usually mix to much and dont want to waste it.


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          I can understand that.