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Ph has climbed 10pts

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  • Ph has climbed 10pts

    Ieft for vacation the other day and of course as soon as I get here I be an email alarm from my APEX. Say pH is 8.47 I know that isn't dangerously high but it has always been consistent at 8.1-8.3 Could this be a result of less co2 and more o2 in the house? Everything seems normal ( from the APEX standpoint ). It may also be the probe but it's odd that it happens when I have been gone for over 24 hrs.

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    8.4 is fine. Yep. Locked up house caused it to go up. Don't worry about your pH at all. The only reason to monitor pH is if it is in a Ca reactor!


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      Yeah I know. It was just weird that it has always been so stable. But you know that text message alarm that is sent from APEX is terrifying when your away. Lol


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        Originally posted by jck09 View Post
        But you know that text message alarm that is sent from APEX is terrifying when your away. Lol
        I completely agree! Scary but great to have! My controller has saved my system at least three times while on vacation.


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          So on this topic… I've been fighting a low pH in my reef. It's been consistently around 7.85 at night and only gets to 7.95-7.97 during the day. I tested alk daily right at 9 and all the usual suspects, even went to the extent of adding a pair of air stones in my sump for a day or three in addition to the skimmer for extra gas exchange, with no changes. I bumped up my water change schedule and paid closer attention to the pH of the newly mixed water. No change. I recalibrated and replaced my pH probe because it had always been so stable before, I thought it had to be failed. No change. I never thought my house (built in the 70s) was that tightly sealed, but I popped open a window the other night next to the tank to see what would happen. I got up the next morning and pH was 8.2, rising to 8.4 late in the day, then back to 8.2 overnight again.

          Maybe I need to invest in a couple of house plants or teach the cat to breathe less???