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  • Ozone oops

    So... I made a mistake.

    It seems that my ozone monitor went a little crazy. after correction it looks like my orp value went up to about 480-ish, maybe higher. I lost a shrimp. So i turned off the Ozone generator, and i have been waiting for things to balance out. Now i have a weird white mold like stuff in my carbon filter. The water chem comes out perfectly. How bad is all of this?


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    Not much experience with ozone. My understanding is that the meters usually error on the High side which would cause the amount of ozone input to go down. (I may be wrong). What setting did you have the generator set at? Could you smell ozone in the air?


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      it was set to 405, yes i could smell ozone in the air. Its been two weeks now and it is still reading 410, after re-initializing it. I also have all sorts of algae, snail and potentially the growth of some copepods growth. hoping i didnt kill off all of them. letting things sit currently.