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    Whats going on CORA? I got my reactor online and ran it for a few days with no CO2 until my regulator arrived. Does anyone have a good/accurate starting point on melting the media? I can't find post from years back when we talked about this. I'm running a GEO 612. I'll be testing consistently and will ease into it finding my "leveling" off point, but I don't want to start way off. I'm running a drip of approximately 40-50mL a minute and starting at 6.85 to 6.80 range. I know its a bit on the high side of the acidity level but a little more safe than sorry.
    Consumption is around 110mL of Recipe 2 Part 1 alk if there is some calculator I don't know about. Thanks guys.
    Volume is around 90Gallons SPS Dominant.

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    I have same setup and run same media and have found I need to keep mine in the 6.40 to 6.60 to get the larger media to dissolve. My c02 is controlled by my apex and here is a good article also.


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      Check out George's Ca reactor instructions for a good starting point.

      I run my reactor with my Apex at 6.18-6.28 but I have it set so it is constantly on at about 6.21 The controller only really turns it off if there are issues. Needless to say my corals suck up a lot!


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        Thanks guys. Metz that was a good read. I appreciate you taking the time to post the link. I saved that for future reference.
        Jason, I'm glad to see you chiming in on this for me as well. You've had prolonged success and your advice is always appreciated. When I picked up my reactor George and I had talked about setting it up and about starting BPM, but failed to mention pH. The last line on of the pages stated 2 to 3 times the tank alkalinity. That is where I am currently at as far as reactor effluent, at 15.6. I was a bit surprised with such a high pH but I will leave it alone and see how it goes for a day or two. Thanks guys. I will keep this thread updated with my progress.
        I also have mine controlled by my AC3, prehistoric but still a solid performer. I also have the Aquarium Plants carbon doser which is pretty cool. I'm currently setting at 30 bubbles per minute, which is kind of irrelevant since its being controlled by my AC3.
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          Check out George's Ca reactor instructions for a good starting point.
          But what does he know...

          Back in the day when I had a tank full of coral, I run mine at 6.4-6.6
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            Mine runs at about 6.3-6.5 but 30 bubbles per minute sounda like a little high but that would also depend on your bubble thingy.

            I've also got the aquarium plants regulator and that is the best part of the ca reactor, soooo easy to adjust and solid.
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              I dialed back the bubble rate to 20 bubbles per minute trying to keep the CarbonDoser running more often than not while still keeping the reactor pH stable without rising above my desired range. I've cut my 2 part dosage in half so far to keep it at 9dkh, so I will attempt to drop the reactor pH another .05 to melt a bit more media once I'm sure of the test results.