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  • CORA Photo Contest

    The Week following this months meeting we will be holding a Photo contest.
    Each member can submit one photo per category to the contest. We ask that you not use one that has been corrected by Hollback, unless you are Hollback . This should be your own work.

    Once the deadline (TBD) for submissions has been reached, we will ask members to vote on their favorite photo in each category.

    Preliminary Categories (post up suggestions for other categories as well):
    Full Tank Shot
    Full Coral Colony

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    Any updates on the contest? How are photos submitted? We have beautiful tanks and great photographers in this club so I'm really looking forward to seeing everybody's wonderful photos!


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      More details will be posted this week.
      Basically a thread for each style of photo will be posted.
      Club Members will then have 2 weeks to submit photos.
      We will then post a poll for each thread and allow everyone to vote on their favorite.


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        What happend with this idea?


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          Yes this sounds like something fun to do I think we should also have different camera categories like the best iphone picture ect.


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            I would still like to do this. As we get into Fall and forum readership picks up I think it will be a good time to get this going.

            What categories does everyone think make the most sense?


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              Why don't we start one now? How about a "fall" theme? Snap some pics of nice fall colors; brown, orange and yellow. Corals or fish.

              Just a thought...


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                Since we just had a great Swap, this month we will focus on macro photos of coral.

                Next month we can do something different, probably fish, but I am open to suggestion.

                Game On

                Please post questions in this thread, not the contest thread.
                You will want to sign up for a place to host your photos in a large enough format, Photobucket is commonly used.
                Then use the Picture icon or the IMG tags to display the photo in the contest thread.