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Photo Post Processing - Post item here for the Friday April 24th meeting

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  • Photo Post Processing - Post item here for the Friday April 24th meeting

    If you have ever tried to correct your own photos and felt frustrated with the outcome, you are not alone. Taking a good picture to start with is only half the battle. Adjusting the White Balance, contrast, and other parameters can often be just as daunting.

    This thread is dedicated to the task of post processing your photos to make them look their best.

    If you have one photograph that looks good, but you think it could be better with a little tweaking. Post it here and get suggestions from other members on how to adjust it.

    Hollback has also agreed to take some Member photos and work his magic as he has time. We ask that each member only post a single photo for this purpose in this thread. When posting make a note in the Post Subject that this is your submission.
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    My Nepthea Photo submission


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      I always liked this one, but it certainly could use some lovin'.


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        Just some further quick clarification. Basically this thread is being used for pictures that will be discussed during the next meeting. Jason will be doing some modifications to pictures as he has time, and I'll be discussing some of the changes as well as the usage of free open source editing software "GIMP".

        We're looking for pictures you think are in focus, but something just isn't right. It's too dark, it's too light, it's a full tank shot but you had a big flash in the middle, a full tank shot but the shot itself is crooked, the colors just don't seem right, you don't want everything in the picture and need it cut down a bit, etc. These are some of the items we'll likely be touching on during the meeting.

        Please take the time to post up one picture per person (understand we might not get to ALL of them either with Jason's time or during the meeting). We'll leave the comments/commentary/suggestions for the meeting and/or later date.

        FYI, if you have a high-res picture you can't upload to a site, feel free to PM me and I'll give you my email to send it to.


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          Still looking for those pictures!


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            Smithsonian Reef Tank in Washington DC.


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              Going to be a quick meeting with only a few pictures


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                I dont know if you want big or small Kbs for this....
                The true color is much greener.

                Please ignore the hair algea and the bad mounting job. But I love this pic


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                  Sadly, I can't make the meeting but I love this pic of my clown in my torch coral. It's a bit blurry and grainy.