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Orange Safety Glasses Fun!

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  • Orange Safety Glasses Fun!

    At the WORC swap last week I picked up a pair of orange safety glasses. When you wear them while looking at the tank with blue LEDs/actinics only on, it really lets you see the flourescence of the corals. And, if I shoot pics through the glasses with my iPhone, it helps the phone's light sensor from freaking out too bad. So here is me goofing around with the glasses and my phone tonight:

    Legendary Coral's Wish I Were A Bounce shroom under regular lighting, then under blues through the glasses:

    Blasto wellsi, they just ate so aren't fully inflated:

    My Dendrophyllia and new hammer I just picked up at Phishy today:

    P. grandis with some of my rose corals (Manicina) to the right:

    Part of my rock flower anemone collection:

    And lastly, some Hidden Cup Coral (Phyllangia americana). The speckles on the tentacles flouresce a little though it isn't picked up well in the picture. They look really neat though:

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    We need a selfie of you wearing the glasses.
    Creativity is intelligence having fun.


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      looking good.