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    With much help my tank is starting to take shape. I cant wait for coraline to cover the epoxy. lol.

    I digress.

    On tuesday i'll be having a 40g 36x18 with nice cabinet display refugium installed next to this with a DSB.

    But the cube is starting to fill up with more sticks!

    I had one PH mishap, and bleached a lot of things, but most of them that didn't straight up die are starting to come back nicely.

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    When the corals grow out that is going to look awesome!

    35 gallon GEO mixed reef tank; 2 Kessil 160s; full apex and mp10.


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      Hah, yea thats the plan anyways. Lots of sticks


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        Nice tank bro!!! Love the rock work!


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          Thanks bill. Only a matter of time until a 400g upgrade. Hahaha


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            Lol me too!! I've actually been thinking about a plywood tank build. But will have to wait till my kids are 18, which isn't far away lol. I just recently got my old 60 cube back from chris and working on setting it up with all high end sps. Already have a few high ends coming at the end of the month. That's a good start with the few that I already have.


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              60 cube is a really great size. I love the height.


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                When I do set up again, thats what I want is a cube of some sort and it will have branching rock work with sps only just like yours grizz minus the sand. Keep your eyes open for a cube! Even if I dont setup for awile I want to find one and hold on to it.


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                  Phishy business helped me set up my 40g display refugium with DSB today! Running some decent T5's over it on a 9 hours on 3 hours off for now. Will be adding the more ornamental macro algae's tomorrow. Will obv change the light schedule if I fill out my main display and feel the need to add a frag rack in there. lol.

                  Thanks phishy. Cant wait to seed this bed and see all kinds of worms and fun stuff playing around in there.


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                    Got some algae in there and a rock to help seed the sand bed!