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November Photo Contest

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  • November Photo Contest

    Welcome to the CORA

    November Photo Contest

    The one Thing you had to have From the Central Ohio Reef Expo

    Contest rules:

    1. Final Photos submitted before the 15th will be listed in a thread poll and voted on by anybody who wishes to vote(not just CORA members). If you'd like assistance working with your pictures, please start a new thread. The single picture post you put here is your final entry for the month.

    2. We will work on the honor system. Photos need to be taken during the contest month so no previous "stock" photos.

    3. Photos must be taken by the CORA member and not a friend/spouse/etc.

    4. Each picture should include a description of what is in the picture(ie..what species, where it was taken, special notes).

    5. Members may not win for two consecutive months, if you win and post in the following month your photo will be excluded in the poll.

    6. Please try to make the photo around 800 x 600 so they are all similar in size.

    7. Photo post-processing to adjust color, white balance, etc. is welcome(photoshop) within reason. Please don't create a whole different scene in photoshop.

    8. You photo must have a URL so your photo can be seen and posted if you win.


    Photos submitted before the 15th will be listed in a thread poll and voted on by anybody who wishes to vote(not just CORA members). Voting will close on or around the 25th of each month and a winner will be announced.

    ***Please feel free to post any comments(positive only) or questions on these photos in this thread. This contest is meant to be fun as well as educational !

    Best photo:

    The winning picture will be posted on the CORA homepage for all to see!!

    How to add a photo

    First, you need to utilize a secondary account, like photobucket, flickr, etc.

    After uploading your photo to their site there are boxes below or beside the image with some text that looks like this:

    5) Copy and paste that into your message here on CORA

    Here is detailed instructions about imageshack specifically.

    Since myself and others have had some problems to upload photos, I thought I would post this to show step by step how.

    1) upload your images to an image host site. I use this link it's free and takes 2sec to setup an account
    If you want to change the size (like 800x600) for the photo contest select the UPLOAD OPTION / RESIZING and pick what size you want.

    2) Open and view the image you want to post.

    3) Right click on the image and select PROPERTIES

    4) Go to the (Address URL) this is the http: highlight and copy the http link

    5) Now in your post at the top select Insert Image(Square with a Mountain) this will give you a prompt that will ask for the URL of you image

    6) Right click in the line that shows http: and paste the link you copied.

    7) Your image should then be displayed in the post.

    8) Another way is to just paste the link you copied directly in the post. Your image will not be displayed but a hyperlink to the URL will. Just click on the link and up pops your photo.

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    Nice Topic Chris!


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      Thank You.i can't what to see what everyone post.


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        i can't wait to see some of the Great things you got at the CORE this year. you will need to have your photo in by the 15th


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            The nem. in the back!! lol


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              My little bably 1" maxima clam


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                ORA Purple Bonsai