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Calculating Water Volume in Your System

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  • Calculating Water Volume in Your System

    Sometimes we use Rubbermaids, Sterlites, or acrylic/glass tanks for sumps, refugiums, etc. When dosing Vitamin C or other chemicals, we are often called upon to calculate our approximate system water volume. The below formula can be used as a guide to approximate volume in gallons.

    Measure your containers(main tank, sump, refugium, etc.) in inches. Length x Width x Height= VOLUME (convert each measurement to feet by taking your 'inches' answer and dividing by 12. THEN do the L x W x H calculation based on the 'feet' measurement of each). Your answer will be 'cubic feet'. There are 7.5 gallons per cubic foot of water. So you can take your answers in feet and multiply them by 7.5 to get a pretty accurate estimate of each part of your system, and come up with your total water volume. If you are using a large amount of live rock in your system you will have to estimate that volume also and deduct it from your system water volume.
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    I suggest using a calculator or, if dosing vodka, do a taste test prior to the calculation. Repeat daily and the dose amount becomes less critical.

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      I would do the taste test after using a calculator. Results may very tooo much if tasted before hand.
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        nah buddy, put the calculator away…the taste test is in lieu of the calculator…