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    Snailman's Skimmer Design 101

    Reefkeeping Online Mag - March 2002 Issue
    "Bite the Bullet" - The Evolution of the Precision Marine Bullet 2 Skimmer
    by Frank Marini, Ph. D.

    Reefkeeping Online Mag - June 2002 Issue
    Skimming Basics 101: Understanding Your Skimmer
    by Frank Marini, Ph.D.

    Aquatic Systems Engineering: Devices and How They Function (Paperback)
    If you can find a copy of this out of print book, it's a DIY'ers dream:


    Of course, CORA is proud to have George "GEO" Webber as a member and resident expert on acrylic fabrication and building & modifying protein skimmers. He's done everyting you see other people boasting about on RC, but without the bravado and self promotion...

    If you have any good links to add to this post, please PM me!
    9 to 5 sounds like a good night in Buenos Aires to me!!!