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Homemade Reef Food Recipe

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  • Homemade Reef Food Recipe

    CORA VP, Brad (Mantis) Blankenship did a demo/presentation at the March 2006 meeting to show how he makes his own food for the reef animals in his care. Basically, you put all this in a blender and chop it into a paste. Then pour it into ziplock bags and freeze it to about 1/4" thick so you can easily break chunks off to feed your reef.

    Mantis' Prime Reef Food

    • 2/3 lbs. shrimp
    • 1 package frozen oysters
    • 1 package frozen mussels
    • 5 Live Clams with the juice (very important)
    • 1 container fish eggs (used for sushi)
    • 1/2 brick of Cyclopeeze
    • 1 tsp. Spirulina powder
    • 2 tbsp. of ground Golden Pearls
    • 2-3 squirts of Selcon

    * Osters, Mussels and fish eggs are from Cam Asian Market on Bethel Rd.
    ** Golden Pearls are ordered from
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