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  • What is this forum?

    What, didn't you read that on page 23 of my previous thread??? Come on man, do your research before you ask a question!!!
    One of the biggest problems with researching reef related topics on the web is that there is often too much information (and lots of useless chatter in the forums) to sort thru before you get to the good information.

    This forum is CORA's effort at consolidating the best info available and making it easy to find.

    We'll put links to good online articles, preferred book lists, original articles and other great references for beginner reefkeepers.

    For the original content, we are going to try to get written versions of the presentation's that have been done by CORA members at some of the meetings. So to go hand in hand with that, if you are thinking about something you could present at a meeting, please let us know - as we are always looking for interresting things to learn at the meetings.

    If you are interrested in writing an artcle, or have compiled a good list of reference links, please contact one of the CORA officers to see what we already in the works and how you can help.

    In order to maintain some control of this forum, we are restricting posting. We have a private forum for people (who are granted specific access) to write and edit articles and for officers to review and approve the articles before they go public in this forum.

    Even if you don't want to write an article... if you have an idea that you think we should cover, let us know and we'll try.
    9 to 5 sounds like a good night in Buenos Aires to me!!!

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    We're bringing this forum section back to life again, but will need some help. We need members to:
    • Verify info is still correct. Many basics in the hobby never change, but technology frequently does yearly.
    • Submit ideas and/or articles for other topics.

    New information could be as easy as a bunch of links to good external articles (many of Randy Holmes-Farley's chemistry articles are a good example) or things you've personally written.