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  • Matt's Corals - Gahanna

    Just realized that Matt opened a retail store in Gahanna but I haven't seen anything on here about it. Apparently it's been open since November. I wandered in yesterday to take a look around. Very nice setup, clean well organized and stocked store , beautiful frag tanks ,and a very large selection. I suggest checking it out if you're in the area.

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    Interesting. I didn't know that. I wonder if the retail guys know there are fish geeks on the other side of town also...


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      They seem to be focused on the east side for sure, though that doesnt bother me Matt's is pretty nice. Someone should talk him into liking our club more!


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        What do you mean Rusty? Those reefers on the 'other' side of town have AA. What more could you need?


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          Yeah, I was waiting for someone to say that.

          I was over at Aquarium Adventure last fall when I was building the Koi pond because I needed a bigger liner and thought it might be cheaper than paying to ship one. Boy was I wrong. I ended up getting a thicker Michelin EPDM liner online for about a third of what they were charging for the lower quality, thinner liner.


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            A guy in my office has recently gotten into keeping freshwater tanks. Very enthusiastic but still pretty beginner level of knowledge. He's been talking about getting a weekend job at aquarium adventure, I guess a friend of his works there. He said that employee discount is something like 80-90% off, take from that what you want.


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              hm.... how long do you gotta work there before discount applies. weekend job meaning 'A weekend' lol