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anyone use neptune atk system?

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  • anyone use neptune atk system?

    anyone here have this system? was thinking about getting the tunze but brs is out of stocknon them. i seen the atk from neptune which was 10 more dollars. just wondering how reliable they are and if theres any issue long term with them. i know the tunze 3155 ato are beast and lost a long time so prolly will just stick with it. just was thinking about having matching equipt, apex wise!

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    another thing is my 55g brute ro water can is about 10' away from tank and dont want a 5 to 10g container just sitting in the cabinet or next to it. i think the pumps should work for that short of span shouldnt they? the tank and ro container are both on same level..... guess i could quit being lazy and read the pump specifics lol, just like getting convos going lmao