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  • Looking for a new skimmer

    I'm fed up with my skimmer. I've been running a bubble magus curve a5 and I have never been able to get it dialed in. It will have 3 or 4 days where it skims well then it will suddenly overflow and dump everything back into the tank.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a skimmer? Total volume is probably 50 gallons or so. I'm willing to spend money to get something that will perform consistently. Looking at skimz, deltec, and reef octopus. I don't have a huge space so I need to use a space saver type design.

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    Those are all good skimmers from what I've heard. Personally, I've only used RO skimmer so I cant give a good recommendation


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      I actually decided to go a different direction. I'm working on the theory that my skimmer was oversized and thus wasn't able to maintain a foam head in the neck. I ordered a SCA 301, a cheap smaller skimmer. It arrives today and I'll install it tonight. If that works I'll be happy.


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        So far this skimmer is working perfectly. It's quite a bit louder than the old skimmer but zero issues with overflowing. I just set the water level in the skimmer and it stays there. Producing some nice dark sludge. For $90 I am happy.