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    Hi everyone! I was curious to know if anyone had any recent knowledge on the passing of laws related to the collection and exporting of Hawaiian fish?

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    ive seen a few post about them banning collecting or something ifbi find something ill post it here


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      doubt it will really matter, very few fish came from there anyways and they already captive breeding the yellow tang. kind of dumb but whatever.


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        From Rivers to Reefs Recent post:

        “For those who haven't been following the situation in Hawaii, the Hawaiian Supreme Court has invalidated all aquarium collection permits, effective immediately. There is a court case pending, and until an environmental impact study can be conducted the court has banned the export of aquarium fish. There's a lot to this case, which I won't go over right now, but as it stands there are a number of species that may well disappear from the hobby, or will see massive price increases at best. This list includes, but is not limited to:
        Yellow Tangs
        Yellow Eye Kole Tangs
        Flame Wrasse
        Four Line Wrasse
        Fisher's Angel
        Potter's Angel
        Potter's Leopard Wrasse
        Blue Line Butterflies
        Crosshatch Triggers
        Personatus Angels
        Chevron Tang
        Bandit Angel
        Milletseed Butterfly
        Chocolate Dip Chromis
        Fuscipinnis Anthias
        Blood Hawkfish
        White Spot Puffer
        Barber & Sphex Lionfish
        Belted Stethojulis Wrasse
        Elegant & Lined Coris Wrasses
        Saddle Wrasse
        Psychedelic/Red Tail Tamarin Wrasse

        We shall see, but I'm not holding my breath on this one.”


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          I didn't realize that yellow tangs were only collected in Hawaii or even the chevron. Chevron has always been one of my favorite tangs