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Brute can- smelly water & white slime

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  • Brute can- smelly water & white slime

    I use a brute can in my garage to mix and hold water for water changes. I've noticed that if I let it sit for a while I get a white slimey bacteria looking substance growing on the side and bottom and the water is quite smelly as well. Water tests out fine and I've used it for multiple water changes with no apparent issues, but it still bothers me.

    Has anyone else using brutes had this issue? Has it caused any problems? Also, does anyone know how to keep this from happening.

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    I've had it happen in tanks that I've torn down and let some water sit for a while, but never in my brutes. Though I always kept a powerhead in them to keep the water moving.
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      How long are you letting it sit? Do you have a lid on your trash can? Powerhead? I wonder if being in the garage/increased temp is just a good place for a bacterial bloom. I try to mix up my water change water no more than 48 hours in advance.


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        I always try to keep it filled at least 2/3 so that I have emergency water if needed. I do have a powerhead in it but really only use it when I'm mixing it. I do have a lid on it at all times.
        I will likely be moving it to the basement this fall before the cold hits. But that's a part of a larger project involving drilling holes in my house.