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  • Recommendations for Tank Take Down and Sale

    Good morning everyone. I was curious if anyone could give me advice on how best to take down my reef aquarium. I have a 265 gallon tank, only 3 fish (including a yellow tang that is over 12 years old), snails, crabs, large rubber maid livestock sump, metal halides, T5's, 2-300 lbs of liverock, apex system, ecotech wavemakers, etc. Thoughts on trying to sell the whole thing at once vs parting out? Any advice would be appreciated. I no longer have passion for this hobby.

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    You can try posting a "package deal" and hope to get a taker but it almost always seems that the individual ends up parting it all out as most already have set ups but are looking for specific pieces of equipment or upgrades. Post it in as many places as you can for more visibility, i.e. cora, craigslist, cafe, reefcentral, reef2reef etc..Start out with a price you are comfortable with and just be prepared to adjust if necessary. Also put together a specific list of all equipment, livestock and extras and take good photos of as much as possible to go along with the ad. Pictures make a world of difference. GLWS!


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      typically people make more money by parting out, but it's more of a hassle. you could always see if there is any interest in the entire tank first and part out if needed


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        Thank you both. I appreciate your thoughts.


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          Parting it out will get you more money, but you will be stuck with pieces and parts that no one wants. Selling it all together will be the least amount of time invested, but will likely require a better overall price to entice someone to come and take the good and the bad. Really just comes down to how much you need the money, how fast you want it to go, and how much time you have to spend with meeting people and shipping stuff. Also, when parting out a larger tank like that, the tank will be the hardest item to sell.