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    anyone here ever take the boat out to the reef from honda state park? i didnt get to take it when i was there but did find the "shoe" location. it was pretty nice got to see what im pretty sure were coral beauties, gobies, blue leg crabs by the ton. seen alot of parrot fish also. i also walked out about a mile and a half on the bridge connecting big pine and marathon, seen huge orange star fish the size of basket balls. my trip was cut short and didnt get to do all i wanted.

    thinking about setting up a trip next year to boat out to the reef and the ship wreck, also check out the new coral research center thats on big pine key. i got a crazy video of some key deer that are so protected down there, they will walk right up to you and smell ya and let you pet them

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    Man, I have never been snorkeling or scuba diving even though I grew up outside Orlando. I would LOVE to go one day. I'm trying to talk my wife into going to Guadalupe island next year for a week long vacation diving with great whites.....oh the look on her face when I suggested it was priceless
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      lmao!!!! i was thinking about asking a bunch of people on here and fb about doing a group vacation and go down. prolly could get way better rates and on marathon theres a holiday in exspress thats super nice and have decent rates and its in the middle of everything in the keys. man when i was snorkeling and seeing all the fish and crabs and so on we see in our tanks i got super excited like when i was a kid on christmas lol. i had a family emergency when i went back in june and had to cut my trip short and come back. the only thing i didnt like was being in the deeper part by myself lol no one to watch ur back. but most the bigger fish in the water are more afraid of u then u are afraid of them lol. the coral research center, i had someone offer me to come back in two days but didnt get to do it. lots of jellies, gobies, sea fans/gorgs, i seen the biggest barracuda ever like 10 foot from me lol


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        Wow. That's really cool Bill. Thanks for sharing. Make sure you take a camera with you next time