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IT LIVES! The case of the missing pistol shrimp.

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  • IT LIVES! The case of the missing pistol shrimp.

    So my nano has been up about two years or so. When I first stocked it I put in a pistol shrimp and then never saw it again. I could hear it every now and then but I had never seen it...until today. I was working from home and grabbing a bowl of cereal when I noticed movement in one of the rock caves. I slowly walked over to the tank and sure enough there it was. It has survived a temperature spike (while we were on vacation) and a huge drop in salinity because I messed up and didn't realize one of my auto water change pumps was out of whack. Tough little guy. Now I may have to go find a shrimp goby to hang out with him.

    IM Fusion Nuvo 20G, Ghost Skimmer, Kessil A360WE, Neptune Apex, Neptune Apex DOS, Gyre 130, Tunze 3155 ATO,