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  • Help, problem I can't figure out

    I have been having an issue over several months. Started around last time I posted, actually somebody noticed latest progress photos were showing less color. The issue is only affecting acros.

    Alk 8.4 cal 450 mag 13xx

    I am losing acros. The acro will first start to fade and show no PE. My entire tank has less than usual PE and all the colors are fading now. Then after a couple weeks a random spot of missing skin will pop up. This spot will very slowly grow, and remain bone white. Over a course of a few weeks it will consume the whole coral. Fragging does seem to help...but it seems to be moving coral to coral, so it eventually gets ahold of the saved frags. What is wierd is the white area stays white for a very long time, even alagae won't grow there. If I frag too close the area, the fragged section will not heal.

    Dipping shows no pests, bayers and iodine based dips. Visual inspection shows no pests or bite marks.

    I've done water changes, tested the big three, no nipping fish, run carbon, dipped, dipped again, and dipped again, inspected nothing is working.

    What could it be? What should I try?

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    I feed the tank daily.

    I've been keeping acros for probably 7 years with great success, this is the first time I've ran into something like this that I can't solve.


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      What about temps? I've had similar experiences with acros but I can contribute it to several alk dips over several months.


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        Temp is 78, alk is fairly steady. I maintain it with a 1.1 mL doser on a mechanical timer.


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          I would raise Alk., your number is fine but on the low side of fine if your test kit isn't completely accurate.
          Maybe try a new Alk. Test kit to verify your number is correct.

          It could also be a contaminant we can't test for. Whenever I get unexplainable problems in the tank, it's time for a really large water change. I'm talking like 100%, maybe time for a really low tide in the tank.


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            I've kept my alk between 7.8-8.4 for years and haven't had issues except rapid growth. Usually when it gets over 9 I see problems. I do use two different alk test kits

            I plan to do a massive water change again this weekend. I have been thinking unknown contaminant, but it's strange how it slowly traveling across the tank and only acros are affected. Maybe it is just taking longer for some to show the effects.


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              But alk will get bumped up close to 10 with the new water change because I mix reef crystals and regular instant ocean and usually the incoming water is alk at 10.


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                I had a similar thing happen in my system a few years ago, unexplained losses, just a slow decline. Turned out the varnish I had used to coat the inside of my canopy had stated to deteriorate and slowly leach into my tank. Did a 100% water change followed by a 50% 2 months later. Hit the reset button on the tank. Also took the opportunity to switch salt brands when I did this. Worked great. I think getting new clean water in the system far outweighs the risk of temporary Alk. spike.


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                  I agree with Brad. Bump up your alk a bit to account for testing errors and do a massive water change.


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                    Originally posted by Mantis View Post
          's time for a really large water change. I'm talking like 100%,...
                    Originally posted by Hollback View Post
           a massive water change.
                    I agree, always a nice shotgun approach to cure what ails ya!


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                      I don't think I have enough brutes to do a single 100% though. I'll see what I can figure out and start the RO tonight.


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                        I have one or 2 you could use