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  • New to Central Ohio

    So, Im new to the area, I am getting my tanks all set up again and need to know where the best places are to go. I need salt, and live rock primarily right now but I have no idea who to go to for LR? Unless some one has some they want to sell. It won't let me post in the WTB section for some reason. Also looking to know where the good shops are for corals and fish?


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    Our sponsors page is a great place to start:

    Reef Systems Coral Farm is New Albany is very cool if you've never been to a greenhouse coral farm. They are now carrying ORA aquacultured and tank raised fish.

    And Rivers to Reefs in Gahanna is our more traditional brick & mortar fish store. One of the best coral and fish selections you'll see.

    Both have excellent livestock.

    The CORA frag swap & raffle is THIS Saturday and will be a great buying opportunity for all kinds of fish, coral, equipment etc.

    As for posting in the selling forums, you'll need to be a member for 30 days and have @ least 30 posts to participate in those forums.


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      OK, wish I could be there Saturday but I will be out of town. Thats annoying to have to wait 30 and 30 though. I will check those stores out.