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  • Steel stand builders

    Are there any steel stand builders here or around the columbus area?

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    Fornier in Grandview will build pretty much anything anyone wants, but I might consider Aluminum over steel, if I was building something for a saltwater environment.

    I'm sure you could find a welder on Craig's List as well, but I'd rather have someone I could sue later on if I end up with hundreds of gallons of water in my living room.

    Are you building a custom tank or something?


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      did you mean fortin welding, fornier rubber is a different type business and they moved up north. but fortin does great work just pricey.
      155 gallon bowfront dt, 100 gallon basement sump, 20 gallon long fuge, reeflo hammerhead, Auqua Euro 250


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        I can weld steel but I can't weld aluminum its melting point is to low for me to do. What size stand where you looking at? If need to Might able ti weeks it up for you if you can get the materials


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          Yeah, Fortin. My bad.


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            Shoot me a text with what your looking for. 614 588 3054


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              Thanks a lot. Going to look into a few things


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                i know a guy whos up near cleveland, but hes a great welder, and an avid hobbyist, so hes always up for building stands
                i THINK he comes to columbus a fair amount so the distance may not be an issue

                if you're interested, shoot me a PM, i can send you some links to forums showing his work. and i can get you his cell number as well.

                if you prefer to stay local, i understand that too


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                  Bump on this, I need a local welder for a few spot welds on a non aquarium item.