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    Yesterday I noticed some red bus on a few acros. Aaron at Phishy gave a positive id and suggested Bayer. I may try it, but I dipped all acros in Revive and made sure they were free of visible pests with a magnifying glass in high lighting. I've read about dipping at regular intervals and will. Any advice on the intervals? Red bugs are live bearers according to one article. Also they can hide in the polyps. I've also read that they stay on smooth skinned acros only, but some say they will go to millies, green slimers and even montis. Others say they won't due to the extra mucus. Any personal experience in this area? What about preditors? Any personal experience with particular fish, etc? One person suggested lowering the temperature or the use of Interceptor in the tank which will kill all crustaceans. Sounds dangerous. Any advice welcome. Thanks in advance.

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    Here is a video from tidal gardens and how Dragonface Pipefish will eat them.


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      I've used Intercepter on three different occasions. I only ever had about 2-5 hermits and no shrimp so it wasn't a problem. All times I got them was because of my laziness when getting new corals. Dip and QT EVERYTHING!


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        Like Jason suggested Interceptor works well. It takes more than one treatment though. It's by prescription but usually if you talk to the vet and explain they will sell you some. There was a good write up way back when on RC that I used as reference for my vet. But that was a long time ago.


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          Also FYI, I inquired at my vet if/when I may need some, and they told me they are moving to something new in the market. So my suggestion is, if you want to go that route and if you have pets/a veterinarian; go talk to them and explain why you need it, more than likely they will write the prescription.


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            Thanks for the advice. Has any seen red bugs spread to montipora?