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fan question on t-5 unit

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  • fan question on t-5 unit

    I have a 6 lamp t-5 unit with duel fans
    one of the fans is making a noise that sounds very much like its bearings are failing.

    is there a way that a guy with very limited wiring skills can by-pass the fan (its tied directly with the lamp power switch.) and use a simple external fan blowing through the vent openings?

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    if there is enough exposed wire you could cut the wires and wirenut the ends . Unplug it first of course


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      Dave; It's okay to clip either one of the wires to the fan and tape it off. Leave some slack so you can replace the fan with another though - it's most likely your run-of-the-mill DC sleeve-bearing chinese PC fan. It may even have a molex connector (which you could just unclip)


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        with the fan coming on with the light, I assume that I have to twist the two wires together and cap rather than just one otherwise would the circuit would be open and thus no light too right??

        man I should have paid more attention in physics class


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          If it's wired in series, that will be the case.

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            so how do I know which to do


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              Cut a wire going to the fan - if the lamp still works, you're golden.

              It'll be probably be wired in parallel - so cutting one wire would be no different than flipping a switch.

              Don't shunt them together.
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                cut the red wire or the blue one
                I had one of those cheesey bomb defusing movies and that one from
                M.A.S.H. which was also cheesy but on purpose lol


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                  worked like a charm. Did not even have to get the old physics book out to review LOL