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Need some help *@%# DINOS

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  • Need some help *@%# DINOS

    Ive been battling this for quite awhile now. Ive done lots of reading on it and I just cannot beat it. Its been roughly 4 months. Im going to start of by saying it is no where near an outbreak but it mainly stays on the tips of gorgonians and corals high up.
    I cant reall remember when it started but I have done everything I can think of except the Fauna marin ultra algea x. This is what Ive done
    -When I first noticed I did a water change. This made it worse
    -stopped water changes
    -Started running GFO and carbon
    Didnt get out of control but wasnt going away. After about a month I
    -still no water change
    -GFO and carbon
    -Three days lights out
    -cut photo period to 6 hrs daylight and 10 hrs blues
    Two days after lights came on it was back. I waited a week while i siphoned off what I could see. Then I did this.
    -still no water change
    -1ml hydrogen peroxide per 10 gal
    -took Biopellets offline
    -Tried to up the pH (cant do it without dropping the salinity)
    -Five days lights out, after the five days did one day 6hrs daylights and 10 hrs blue lights for 2 weeks
    After this two week cycle It did not come back after 4 days. I thought it was safe so I did a water change. That evening before lights out (still 6hrs and 10 hrs) it came back. GRRRR!
    So now I am giving the tank a little bit to recover from having little light. Then I plan on doing the five days lights out. After that one day 4 hrs daylights and 10 hrs blue light and two days lights out. Do that cycle for 3 weeks. Keep running GFO and carbon changing it every 2 weeks. Keep dosing hydrogen peroxide. No biopellets. NO Water change for atleast 2 months. VERY light feeding. Im going to set up 2 filter socks in the sump. One for return drain and one I am going to use to siphon off all traces of dinos and detritus that I see. Clean the return every every week, The siphon sock will get cleaned every use.
    Does anyone have any other ideas? Its killing me. No coral are dieing but they are definately not growing alot because of the light.
    Parameters are
    KH-9.5-10.5 DKH
    No idea on phosphates
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