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How many corals can fit in a 5.5gal

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  • How many corals can fit in a 5.5gal

    i have a 5.5 gallon Geo aquarium. It has been up and running since January. Has great water flow and about 7 pounds of live rock. I currently have a Par38 bulb with 27 watts of light. How many corals can i keep in there? Right now i have zoas, mushrooms, ricordea, frogspaw, a clam, blasto, gorgonia, favia, miami hurricane chalice,candycane, duncan, gsp, pokerstars montipora. I believe that is it but i have about 7 types of zoas. So far everything looks great. Any thoughts if this is too much for a 5.5 gallon.

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    Watch the frog spawn,chalice, and favia, they are pretty violent.
    Also the gsp grows like crazy and can over run a tank that small in no time and can overtake amd smother out other corals ime.


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      If everything is getting along and has some space, I don't think it's necessarily overloaded. Have to agree with Belle on the aggressive ones and frogspawn can get pretty large. All of mine were small when I got them and a year after, most would take up an entire tank of your size. They can also put out some very long, stinging tentacles, so keep an eye on that