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my tank may be a gonner

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    Originally posted by briansbelle View Post
    Gonna get some good salt mix,no more reef crystals...I was getting alot of detritus build up and brown dust in my bucket after mixing the salt over nite
    I get that also and looked into it. Here is what Randy and to say about it. I wouldn't worry about it.


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      Just wanted to keep everyone posted on this issue. I put the surviving corals into the rimless nano cube I had setup and they are great. I saved my torch,prism favia,octo spawn,2 gorgs, candy apple red zoas and bam bams.

      Monday I setup my 10 gallon which was housing the bangaii I was gon.a sell(keeping him now)...with new live sand,water from the 10 gallon and live rock. Let it run overnite with the rock,sand and fish in there.

      Yesterday I transfered over the corals and everyone is doing great! My favia has feeders extended longer than ever and my octo now has room(cramped in my nanocube)

      This is another reason I believe something was in that other tank....judging by how good my corals are now.