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my tank may be a gonner

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  • my tank may be a gonner

    I think my tank is crashing.
    I came home from work and looked at my tank and my favia is all slimy with guts coming out,shrooms all.slimey with guts out,green monti bleached, and others on their way out.

    Any ideas what can cause this? Im freaking out! Im so upset right now.
    Im literally crying.

    also my snail I put in there is dead too...copper?

    I cleaned the tank with vinegar,could that do it?

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    Vinegar is one of the bacterial food sources used by genetics a few years back. I guess when you say "cleaned" what did you clean? I guess I would have done a WC and replace carbon if it were me.


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      I cleaned the tank out. and rinsed it good...atleast I thought I did.

      I have used vinegar to clean power heads plenty of times....and no ill effects.

      The corals have only been in the tank since 11 am....and I got home at 940pm.
      I dont have any carbon and not enough water ready for a water change.


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        If the corals don't pull through i'm taking this tank down and order a brand new tank for fish only. No more corals for me...this is too stressful and sad


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          Do you have salt on hand? Even if you don't have enough RODI its better to use tap water in a situation like this than to leave it be entirely. If you don't have salt, there is a 24 hour Meijer out there- it's expensive, but I think they carry small bags of Red Sea. Sorry to hear about the trouble.
          Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind.


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            Is a water change going to help? I have no dechlorinator and my tap has a ton of bleach in it...I can smell it

            I think its copper, my snail is dead also.

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              You can not use tap without the declor.

              Do you have a poly filter? if so run that.
              Can you make the RODI. If not... Use the water from meijers.


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                I forgot to say. Good luck. I hope things pull through for you


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                  I can make the Rodi takes a long time and I have to be up early in the morning and wont be up long enough.

                  I will get the water change in the morning hopefully everything is ok


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                    I have Poly Filters if you need one but I live by Easton.


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                      I moved the 4 corals I dont think are too far gone over to the 30 breeder that still has live rock and fish in it.

                      I only moved the corals not the rocks, I moved my favia,my octo spawn and my candy apple zoas and torch. The sps in my tank are completely gone...all but part of my setosa are white....


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                        Torch looks better, its open.
                        favia looks better too,has feeder tentacles out.

                        Would it be ok to move thr rest of the corals back over or would the rock from the messed up tank contaminate the other(good) tank?

                        Also the sps are completely white, is it too late to save them once they are white?



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                          I just have to keep them in the 30 breeder till my 11 gallon rimless I just ordered gets here.
                          Only keeping my clowns and the surviving corals.

                          Oh and I dont think its copper, the snail I thought was dead is moving around in the 30 maybe my rocks will be ok?
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                            If they just went in at 11 am yesturday. What were all the changes made yesturday? without knowing what they went into, we can not really direct you to why.


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                              I setup the tank. Only thing different was I added a ground probe for stray voltage.

                              I set the tank up, added 3/4 old water added the rocks and corals.

                              Then filled the rest with 1/4 new water.

                              Then went to work.

                              Came home to bleached corals and the mj900 I was using as a return pump in the rear chamber had quit working but I have a koralia 425 in there that was working.

                              I have setup my tanks like this all the time and this is the 1st time im having an issue...