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  • Aquacontroller 3 help

    I have an aquacontroller 3 that is about 2 years old. I am having trouble with the Ph portion of the controller. I have been working with Kurt at Neptune systems but can fiqure out what is going on. Here is the situation:

    1.) Entire tank shut down exept for Reeflo Hammerhead for circulation.
    2.) Everything unplugged from AC3 except for Ph probe and 9v transformer to power it.
    3.) Calibrated brand new probe
    4.) Once calibrated placed probe back in 7 and 10 to verify that it read the correct Ph.
    5.) Place probe in tank and it reads 9.7 (Can't be right or tank would be dead)
    6.) Remove probe from tank and place it in a fresh cup of tank water and it reads 8.2.
    7.) If I connect another ph probe they both go nuts.
    8.) If I connect one particular 2 yr old probe they seem to work correctly
    9.) I am running GFCI circuits for everything and a Ti grounding probe
    10.) I have return AC3 to Neptune and they said nothing is wrong with unit
    11.) I have even replaced the transformer with new transformer to remove it as a variable that could be causing problem.
    12.) I have tried plugging the AC3 into different outlets, differnet circuits, different rooms of the house to see if there was some kind of interference causing the problem but it acts the same everywhere.

    I was wondering if someone would have an AC3 that we could test the Ph with and determine if it is still something in my tank causing the problem or if the AC3 is defective. My theory is that if another AC3 acts the same way it is a tank environment issue causing the problem. If another AC3 operates correctly than its most probably a AC3 issue.

    I am interested in doing this before I purchase a new controller(probably an APEX) so I don't spend money on a new controller and have the same problem.

    If you have any ideas please contact me. I am close to seeing if this AC3 has wings or can swim.

    Thanks in advance,


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    How big is your tank?


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      I would take out the Ti grounding probe and turn off everything and see if it is stray voltage. How close are your ph probes from each other I have about a foot between mine


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        AC3 Help

        Thanks for the responses. System volume is close to 300, display tank 130, 90 frag, and 150 sump/refug.

        The crazy thing is that I have turned everything off with the Ti probe unpluged and still have the issue. With everything running and no Ti grounding probe I did find a 3.1v stray voltage and thats why I added the Ti grounding probe.

        Still trying to fiqure this one out!