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apex eb8 limit?

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  • apex eb8 limit?

    I've tried searching, but is there a limit to the amount of eb8/eb4 you can hook up to an apex? I have 4 eb8 and 1 eb4 and one of my eb8's doesn't show up in fusion or classic. Also when the 4th eb8 is hooked up it causes my other eb8 to not switch on and off

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    240 modules are allowed

    Try deleting it then installing it again


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      sounds like an address issue
      1. First, save your existing program
      2. Plug in the new (wrong) EB8 along with any other EB8 modules you have
      3. From the Module Setup screen, delete the wrong EB8. This will delete it from the bus but more importantly, it will change the S/N and the bus number of the EB8 to null values.
      4. Unplug the EB8 you just deleted, wait a minute, then plug it back in.
      5. It should now get the proper bus number My Apex does not recognize my module In the above FAQ question, you learn that each module has the S/N and bus number stored in its internal NVRAM memory.

      Each bus address should be unique. Sometimes you wind up with modules with duplicate address numbers. When this happens, the controller is confused and doesn’t know where to send that module’s data or commands.
      The fix is the same as above – delete the module, unplug it, wait a minute then plug it back in. It should now get a unique bus address and the controller can talk to it again.


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        the eb8 doesn't even show up anywhere. it probably failed


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          that's weird. Send it in. I can guess shipping plus 50 bucks to fix it.


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            yea I'll has to contact them. I have an apex brain that failed too, I wonder now if one took the other out