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T5 60" fixture

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  • T5 60" fixture

    Just got new ati fixture. 60" 8x80 watts.* What bulb colors should I use to grow sps and lps? I have a few lps and sps plus a lot of soft coral. My tank is a 180 and right now I'm using 2 72" Marine pro fixtures along with 2 dsunny led fixtures.* Would never recommend the marine pro for led lighting alone.* Along with the t5's, how should they be placed in the fixture?* All suggestions and help is welcomed!

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    I have a 24" 4-bulb ATI fixture and run 3 Blue Plus and 1 Purple Plus.
    here is a good starting point on ATI's FAQ.

    I'd go with this combo:

    16K - 20K - Bluish white with a noticable blue and red under-tone

    8-Bulb combination:
    • 5 ATI Blue Plus
    • 2 ATI Coral Plus
    • 1 ATI Purple Plus


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      I wish I had a purple plus on mine with less coral plus on my 8 bulb so I would have to agree with Hollbacks combo



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        Thanks I'll do that combination!