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  • Neptune Cor-20

    So i received a cor-20 yesterday as part of the nsi beta program. It is rated for 2000gph. It seems ti be a solid piece of equipmet. Here is what in the box. * * * * * Cor pump
     6 (2m) AquaBus cable for connection to an APEX system  100w 24VDC power supply & power cord
     1-1/4 threaded x 1-1/4 slip union for use on the COR pump output
     1-1/4 threaded x 3/4 slip fitting for optional hard-piped use on the pump output,1-1/2 threaded x 1 slip fitting for optional hard-piped external plumbing *O-rings for each fitting, 5mm hex wrench.

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    So is it 100w pump with a rating of 2000gph? Interesting to see neptune branching out but if that is the watts/gph then it seems a bit behind the times unless its pressure rated!
    500 gallon build in slo-mo progress...


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      Keep us updated


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        Ok, *finally have the COR-20 up ans running. This thing is quite. Still need to post around with things but, *it is nice. i will get some more pics up.*


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          looks nice and small
          220 gallon display 60 gal farm tank 30gallon rimless acrylic frag 40gal refugium kessil a360w-e lighting reef 4ft geo skimmer looks like im going bigger?