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  • skimmer question

    i just bought a super reef octopus 3000 int used and i have a few questions. since it was cleaned will there be another break in period, also the directions say where to put the height of the water inside the skimmer does that mean the top of the bubbles.
    155 gallon bowfront dt, 100 gallon basement sump, 20 gallon long fuge, reeflo hammerhead, Auqua Euro 250

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    You won't have an explosion of liquity gunk, that's primarily from a new setup, but you will have a period when you figure out where to dial it in.

    I have the 5000 version, and I have it sitting in my sump, so when it's off, the water level is just wherever the water level of the sump is. I turn the knob right to move the water tower up just until the bubbles are starting to come out the top of the collection cup. (You can check it out next Wednesday).

    As you know, you really just want to get a cup of goo every couple days, so move it up and down accordingly.

    That's my nonscientific advice.


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      No adjust the water level to the suggested height 6-6.5 inches for that model. Then just adjust it from there if need be. I have my Bubble King sitting in like 9 inches of water because I guess I don't have that large of a Bioload for the skimmer. need more fish!!! I run it in deeper water so I don't have to close the water outlet as much. That is something to experiment with more if you need to, but start at 6-6.5in for that skimmer.



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        I LOVE that skimmer.