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which skimmer to get....

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  • which skimmer to get....

    Looking at the ice cap k2-120 the aquamaxx coneS C1 or a bubble magnus of similare size... Anyone have any input? Im looking for a small footprint in sump skimmer for my 75 mixed reef.

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    Im not familiar with either, but I have a Tunze I wouldn't trade for anything else. Its the only skimmer I have ever set in my sump, plugged it in and it runs. there really is nothing to adjust other than the water height it is sitting in. Sammie, saw it, loved it and bought the largest one. Im certain he would tell you the same thing.
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      I haven't used it yet but I just got the bubble magus curve a5, it's the same as the regular curve 5 but with a DC pump. Quality seems very high and I like that the whole skimmer body can be removed for cleaning. Actual skimming impressions are unavailable as the tank isn't quite up and running yet though.

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        Thank you guys for your input, I ended up ordering the icecap, fingers crossed I'll post up how it works afterbreak in